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On the Application of Cap Screwing Machine in Beverage Packaging

In all aspects, in changing packaging materials, maintaining the brand integrity and ensuring product quality are a major challenge. Because, a long time has been accepted by the market, and high awareness, consumers know and trust glass packaging change into a plastic packaging, it is likely to cause brand crisis in the consumer market. In addition, many products that require high temperature processing, such as sterilizer and hot filling packaging, face technical problems in this conversion trend. A composite sealing cover — a two-piece structure, including a central metal plate and a plastic outer ring — can help the brand smooth transition from glass packaging to plastic packaging. Compared with the ordinary sealing cover, the composite seal cover has more important practical value and stronger brand appeal. Composite sealing cover can bring a brand new image through the reasonable combination of materials. Keep the exquisite appearance, when we talk about packaging, often to take into account the cost factor. Many reputable brands do not care about price competition, but on brand loyalty and brand loyalty. Whether orange juice, or pickle, manufacturers often use packaging as a first step in brand differentiation.

Most metal sealing cover are not suitable for plastic can and plastic bottles, but the sealing cover made of mixed or composite materials can be used in plastic containers. The composite sealing cover on the plastic container not only preserves the traditional packaging appearance, but also increases the thread for rotation. Another reason for the popularity of composite seal cover is that, technically very safe, even by instant impact, consumers don't have to worry about packaging broken. Brand display space, most of the use of glass packaging with metal sealing cover brand has recognized the importance of marking the brand on the sealing cover. This sealing cover is used day after day in product packaging, as a link between consumers and brands. A reasonable design of composite packaging, not only to familiarize the consumers who are familiar with brand image; In addition, the decorative metal can also reflect a brand, good quality external and internal aesthetic. For many products, the conversion of packaging into plastic can means that the requirements of pasteurization process in processing must be met. However, the plastic sealing cover is unable to withstand the high temperature in the sterilization process, and the compound sealing cover can adapt to any requirements of high temperature pasteurization, this is a major progress in converting glass packaging into plastic packaging, or converting plastic packaging into glass packaging.

The customization of bottle cap, customized metal seal cover can provide a shortcut to improve the brand awareness and increase product sales. The role of modern packaging sealing cover is not limited to maintaining the integrity of products, they improve the brand image of products through many ways. From the perspective of marketing, product sealing cover can promote the brand awareness at a lower cost. We know that in supermarket shelves increasingly crowded today, innovation and design of unique metal sealing cover will be a bright landscape, able to grasp the consumers' eyes. For the food and beverage industry, these new technologies with important environmental characteristics mean that metal cans packaging can become the highest efficiency, the most powerful, consumer most reliable and environmental packaging. The food and beverage industry should tell the end consumers all this to benefit the industry as a whole. In addition, they also work with packaging suppliers to allow metal cans packaging to prove that they are" the best experience ".

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