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New opportunity of packaging industry——the implementation of food traceability in China

At present, the main food production of cereals, fruits, meat, eggs and aquatic products is the first in the world, in order to ensure the food safety of the people, to effectively control the outbreak of foodborne diseases, and to eliminate the restriction of food traceability in importing countries. However, there are still few examples of application of automatic traceability system in the whole food production process, the domestic food industry is mainly in retail settlement, far from the whole process of food supply chain, the whole ke supply chain has not been formed.

Rfid food traceability management system will use RFID advanced technology and rely on network technology, database technology to achieve information fusion, inquiry, monitoring, to provide reasonable decision-making for each production stage and distribution to final consumption field, realize food safety warning mechanism. Rfid technology runs through the food safety, including production, processing, circulation, consumption, strict control, establish a complete food safety control system, form closed-loop production of food enterprises to ensure to provide quality assured food, ensure high quality data exchange of supply chain, the source tracking of food and the ability to provide complete transparency in food supply chain.

Through the construction of food traceability system, the problem of bar code damage caused by oil pollution and moisture can not only be traced back breeding and processing, but also can trace the abuse of drugs and processing in the breeding process, focus on the control of production, neglect the production control, improve food processing technology regulations, health standards and production certification standards.

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