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Development trend of food packaging machinery in 2017

Facing the social economy, the production capacity and structure, food packaging machinery industry is facing the same problems, over capacity, homogeneity, low-end packaging equipment duplication production, many low-end manufacturing enterprises on the brink of bankruptcy, to solve the bottleneck of food packaging machinery industry, must understand the current industry status and new trends, can change its backwardness.

Domestic packaging industry low level development, some high content packaged equipment still rely on foreign imports to meet domestic demand. This excessive phenomenon has seriously restricted the sustained and stable development of China's packaging industry, and also makes some of the uncompetitive food packaging machinery enterprises in danger. Despite the wide prospect of domestic food packaging machinery, but such problems as single machine automation, stability and reliability, unattractive appearance, short life, also make domestic food packaging machinery products under criticism.

The new trend of food packaging machinery industry in 2017 mainly has the following points;

Anquan detection technology: an is the first keyword in any industry, especially in the packaging industry. The embodiment of zhiyaoan in food packaging machinery is not only limited in the range of simple physical parameters, but also pay attention to the color of drugs, raw materials and other factors. The scope of the application of food packaging machinery is expanding, so that new requirements for mechanical manufacturers and automated product suppliers.

Motion control technology: the development of motion control technology is very rapid in China, but the development power in food packaging machinery industry appears to be rising. The function of motion control products and technology in food packaging machinery is to achieve accurate position control and strict speed synchronization requirements, mainly used for handling, conveying, marking, palletizing, destacking and other processes. Motion control technology is one of the key factors of high, medium and low-end food packaging machinery, it is also the technical support of the upgrade of Chinese food packaging machinery.

Flexible production: the large enterprises to adapt to the fierce market competition, the cycle of product upgrading is shorter and shorter. According to understanding, cosmetics production, generally can reach a change of three years, even a quarterly change, at the same time, the production is relatively large, so the flexibility and flexibility of food packaging machinery is higher than the life cycle of the product. Because only in this way can meet the requirements of product economy. Consider the concept of flexibility in three aspects: quantity flexibility, construction flexibility, and supply flexibility.

Manufacturing execution system: in recent years, the integration technology in packaging industry is developing rapidly. There are many kinds of food packaging machinery, which makes the product interface docking, equipment and industrial computer, information and equipment between different manufacturers encounter a big problem. In this case, the packaging enterprises turn to the manufacturing execution system ( MES ) to seek solutions.

Through the simple analysis of the food packaging machinery industry, we must understand the new trend of the development of this industry, see the future capacity and low-end transformation process, must be high-end, flexible, standard and personal tailor direction, only in this way can be breakthrough in food packaging machinery industry.

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