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Whether the labeling machine require a transparent label sensor

Some customers have encountered questions about the label sensor, the purchase of a round bottle labeling machine, bottle stickers are transparent (7 silk), suppliers offer the list of more than a "transparent label sensor", why add money plus Install this imported accessories? Labeling machine factory direct sales on the cheap?
Is the label sensor necessary in the labeling machine? If you use a transparent label, then be sure to use a dedicated transparent label sensor?
Know the principle of automatic labeling machine know that the label sensor is a labeling machine must be equipped with components for testing the label is transmitted in place, so that the machine issued a labeling instructions.
There are more types of label sensors, there are detection of transparent labels, there are detection of non-transparent labels, there are two kinds of can be detected, the manufacturers of standard labeling machines are generally equipped with commonly used to detect non-transparent label sensor.
If the customer posted a transparent label will need to match a "transparent label sensor", if both need to paste a transparent label also need to paste the opaque label, then select the transparent and non-transparent label sensor, you do not need to install two, If only paste the opaque label, you do not need to choose a transparent label sensor!
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