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Analysis and treatment method for improving the accuracy of labeling machine

Which brand is good? With the continuous development of the agricultural industry, customers pay more and more attention to the appearance of product quality, the paper has relative labeling labeling labeling is flat, label is not easy to fall off, good appearance, easy (coated) long-term preservation and so on, so the labeling is the future trend of agricultural industry. The company has been on how to effectively solve the problem of labeling accuracy, this paper lists the traditional fault handling: the traditional model as an example to improve the accuracy of labeling analysis and treatment methods, as shown in the following table:

Serial number

Phenomenon description

Reason analysis

processing method


The error is too large in the horizontal position of the head and the tail

The bottle is unstable, the bottle body is not vertical, and the bottle label area is uneven

Replacement of bottles, the use of measuring tools, good storage inspection.


The conveyor belt is not running smoothly

Check whether there is the phenomenon of scraping the track at both ends of the plate


The stripping plate is not perpendicular to the surface of the track

Adjust the verticality of the header, the visual error is not more than 0.2mm.


The surface of the roller is not perpendicular to the surface of the roller

To determine whether the label is delayed or adjusted, adjust the time delay labeling or adjust the position of the optical fiber


Pull mark or wrinkle mark

Too early or too late

Adjust the pressure plate behind the sponge plate to ensure the verticality


Conveyor speed, rolling speed, out of standard speed

Adjust the speed

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