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The Classification and Application of Tiedan

Labeller  is the equipment that will paste the self-adhesive paper label ( paper or metal foil ) in the PCB, product or the packaging. Tiedan is an indispensable part of modern packaging. At present, the type of production labeling machine in our country is gradually increasing, and the technical level also has a great improvement, has been from the backward situation of manual and semi-automatic labeling, and turn to the pattern of the market.

The main classifications are:

COD vertical tiedan, automatic horizontal Round bottle tiedan, automatic around the corner machine, automatic red cling, plane tiedan, up and down assembly line, bilateral pneumatic tiedan, one-sided labeling machine, semi-automatic plane tiedan, semi-automatic Round bottle labeling machine, etc.

Tiedan classification:

According to different viscose coating methods, can be divided into not glue, paste labeling machine ( upper paste-on, glue paste ) and hot melt adhesives.

According to the degree of automation, can be divided into manual labeling machine, semi-automatic and fully automatic.

According to the realization of different labeling function, can be divided into plane labeling machine, double labeling machine, side tiedan and circular labeling machine.

These products can complete flat paste, one side or multi of the packaging, cylindrical paste, partial coverage or full coverage of cylinder paste, sag and corner, etc.

Function: to improve the efficiency of product labeling, the position is accurate, good quality and high stability; Avoid the artificial labeling of low efficiency, paste skew, uneven and wrinkle, etc. a series of problems, effectively reduce the waste of paste, reduce labeling human cost, improve product identification mei, improve product comprehensive competitiveness.

Scope: suitable for any industry production including bottled, bagged, plastic and other materials:

Applicable label: paper label ( need paste );

Applicable product: require the product of paste label on the circumferential surface;

Application industry: widely used in food, daily chemical, medicine, wine and other industries;

Application example: firecracker labeling, beer bottle labeling, Pesticide bottle labeling, etc.

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