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The 15th Spring China International Food Processing and Packaging Exhibition

Time: 12 April 2017

Venue: China international exhibition center, Beijing ( 6 beisanhuandonglu road, Chaoyang district )

Organizer: China food industry association

China international trade association food industry branch

Beijing Beijing international exhibition co., ltd.

Co-sponsor: national provinces, municipal food industry associations, shipinbao, food safety reports

Host: Beijing Beijing international exhibition co., ltd.

The" cf international food processing and packaging exhibition" ( Beijing food processing industry ) has been a world-renowned food processing industry at home and abroad for 14 years. more than 5,600 enterprises in more than 40 countries and regions participated in 14 years. Cf China international food and processing industry is one of the most influential exhibitions in food industry, its influence, industry status and reliability are recognized by the industry, and cf shows the latest development level of China food processing industry, is a big stage of food processing industry, is a pageant of national food and processing industry; It is also one of the big stage of the world food and processing industry.

The 15th cf - international food and processing PACK EXPO with" science and technology" as the theme, will be held in Beijing, China international exhibition center, April 12 - 14, 2017. The exhibition will be held in conjunction with the international baking & catering exhibition ( brand ), and two exhibitions will work together, will show more than 50,000 square meters of very large scale appearance, professional audience will more than 70,000 people. Cf has become the first choice to purchase equipment, understand the trend and status of food processing and related products at home and abroad.

[ scope of participation ]

◆ food packaging machinery, packaging materials and products: packaging machinery, sealing machinery, Fengxiang machinery, packing machinery, wrapping machine, spraying the code machine, labeling machine, vacuum packaging machine, pillow style packing machine, liquid packaging machine, granule packing machine, automatic packing machine, filling machine, vertical packing machine, strapping baling press, etc.; Film, aluminum foil, foam plastic film, tape, binder, Packing Belt, various packaging materials, fresh-keeping environmental tableware, pulp mosu, packaging, packaging design, etc.

Food processing machinery: cereals, oil processing machinery, beverage machinery, alcohol processing machinery, dairy machinery, meat processing machinery, canning machine, fruit and vegetable machinery, candy machinery, peanut machinery, condiment machinery, agricultural products processing equipment, water treatment equipment, transporting equipment, baking equipment, sterilizing equipment, testing equipment, drying equipment;

◆ bakery equipment: convenient food, condiment processing equipment, moon cake bakery equipment, kitchen equipment, all kinds of oven

• beer beverage filling: capping equipment, carbonated beverage mixing equipment, CIP system and cleaning and disinfection equipment, sterilization equipment, beer beverage process equipment, labeling equipment, liquid detection and date printing equipment, delivery system, zhuangxiexiang and stacking equipment

◆ processing and packaging equipment: coffee chocolate candy processing packaging equipment, bean products processing packaging equipment, pharmaceutical packaging equipment, processing and packaging equipment of daily chemical products

Packaging materials: BOPP, PE, pet, PVC, PP, various composites, metal materials, anti-counterfeiting materials, paper materials, pulp molding products and various products, films, aluminum foil, foam plastic film, adhesive tape, adhesive, Packing Belt, various packaging materials, environment-friendly tableware, pulp mosu, packaging design, etc.

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